Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Store Clerk.....

Dear Motherhood Maternity Store Clerk,

I just wanted to tell you a few things.
Its nice that you greet me when I come into the store, but leave me alone after that. I don't want you to ask what I am looking for today, or if you can help me find anything. I just want piece and quiet. I didn't come so you could be my personal shopper. I WANT TO PICK OUT MY OWN CLOTHES!
Please don't come by and grab each and every item of clothing out of my hand as soon as I pick it up to put in a room for me. And then add 2 shirts for every one shirt that I pick.
Please don't suggest sizes to me.....when I say I want a large, thats what I want. Yes, I realize I fit in a medium right now but I still have 2 months to go and want my shirt to fit comfortably, not skin tight.
When I say I don't wear tank tops, please stop picking them out for me to "just try on". And don't say, "Well it's summer and its pretty hot outside." Yes I realize its hot but that doesn't change it for me. The same goes with shorts.
Sales lady.....just because you think something is cute and you have it in every color, doesn't mean I like it. They have different styles for a reason.
When I go over to look at the bras please don't hover. Or ask me what size I wear. Why not just ask me how much I weigh too.
And one last thing.....when I go to check out don't be so snotty to me and ask what was wrong with ALL the shirts I tried on. Because really I only tried on the 3 I picked out, the other 7 I left on the hanger. And don't ask me 4 times am I SURE I don't want to try anything else on....because at that point in my shopping adventure I will be so ticked off that I may give you a piece of my mind.....your lucky I didn't today.

By the way.....I will go ALL the way across Tucson to the other store from now on, or make sure you aren't in there.



  1. That is pretty annoying that they keep piling on the clothes when you only want to try on a couple of things. And you end up with like forty items in your dressing room by the time you're done.